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Portrait Painting of my Wife

Portrait Painting

Painting of my Wife Kerry. By Robert Wheater. 2013.\

I snapped a snapshot of my wife with a digital camera. She was working out in the garden. I love painting portraits that seem like snapshots of life. I have painted her several times but my skill is getting so much better.


Portrait Painting – Kerry Ann

This is my wife. I have painted her several times and will paint her many more. I wanted to do something more emotional with her so I went with this – there will be a few more paintings of her and I am currently doing a portrait study of her.

Painting of my Wife

Painting of my Wife by Robert Wheater

Robert Wheater is a professional artist living with his wife, two sons, a dog and a cat in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains. He has won several awards for his paintings and is currently painting portraits by commission. If you would like to talk to Robert about his art or commissions, email him at info@robertwheater.com

Portrait Painting of my Wife

Once a year I try and paint a portrait of each of my family members. It’s not only a way for me to improve the art within my home but it is also a record of time and will be incredible to see decades from now. This painting is nearly complete – I still have work on eyelashes, hair and a little on the lips. There is some shadow work I need to finish too but I like to post work I am currently working on – whether it is done or not.

Portrait Painting of my Wife

If you would like a painting done or talk about my art, I would love to hear from you. Email me at info@robertwheater.com or post a comment here about my work.

Robert is a portrait artist from Visalia, California. He excels in painting portraits and creating unique art for families that can be cherished forever. Contact him at info@robertwheater.com