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Summer of 2012

I finished this painting yesterday. This year we had a lot of watermelon from the garden and pretty much every Saturday morning the kids would tear into one or two of them while playing outside int he back. My kids live for being outside – well, for the most part – it sometimes takes a little push to pry them off of a game or show.

Both my sons love Saturday mornings out back when the garden and the fruit trees are ready to provide. They would get about 1/4 of the watermelon and just coat themselves in juice before playing around in the water. Live simple, live happy.

Summer of 2012 Painting

Signed and numbered prints are available. Limited.

As with many of my paintings, I record a time lapse of the progress. It’s a visual journal for me as well as a way to show you the painting as it comes to life. Here is the time lapse video of this painting. Enjoy.