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Painting Models

I’ve had to rely on models to paint and photograph from the beginning of my art career. All my life, I have stumbled over my words when trying to talk to beautiful women. Come on – through high school I was the D&D game master with all the nerdy friends. Art changed that. I just knew what I wanted to create, how to create it and had this self-esteem that was just there because of art. There was no getting nervous really – well the beginning of any meeting between to people that feels sort of random is a little bit strange but that evaporates pretty quick into a ‘let’s create art’ mode.

I have worked with Sunni a few times and decided to paint her for practice. This was not a commission but more of a practice painting. I think one problem I have is I have to keep painting regardless of what it is. The very action of painting is the art to me – the finished painting doesn’t mean I am finished painting, I usually don’t stop for the day I just keep painting something.

If you are interested in a painted portrait I would love to hear about it. Email me at info@robertwheater.com and we can start talking about your art today.

Painting of Model

Painting of a Fashion Model

Yosemite Painting – A Work in Progress

Here is a current work in progress that is part of my ICONS series. The painting is five feet wide on wood veneer. I have travelled to every state in the United States and have seen hundreds of iconic landmarks. I decided last year to start my ICONS series to remember all that stuff. It is a series of 20 paintings from Yosemite (near where I live now), Yellowstone (where I spent a lot of time in my youth) and all around the United States (where I have traveled extensively). I spent four years travelling and was in a different city nearly every week and have a lot of stories to share.

If you are interested in getting some of my art or interested in commissioning me for a painting, email me at info@robertwheater.com and I would love get some dialog going. Even if you just have a comment, let me know about it – I love hearing from other artists and people that like art.

Painting of Inspiration Point in Yosemite

I am an artist living in California. I can literally paint anything and would love to hear from you. Email me at info@robertwheater.com


Painted Portraits | Ciann

I have held a camera in my hand for a long time and while I love painting, I am also a photographer. For quite awhile now I have worked on combining both traditional and digital means to create great art. So, my painted portraits have naturally evolved into one of my favorite pieces of art.

Kids Painted Portrait

It starts with photography. I create a photograph of my subject, usually a person but I have worked with pets, architecture, landscapes and just about everything else. From that point, I find a single image and begin sketching it traditionally to become familiar with the subject. From there I take it to digital painting software and create an image similar to the one above. It takes years of training, three different programs and artistic skill to do it. From there it goes to a special printer that puts the image onto a wood panel. Once I receive the panel, I work it again to create the final piece of art that will hang on your wall. My paintings begin in size from 8×10 and most are not larger than 30×40 but I can do larger if requested.

This unique painted portraiture is very difficult to create and takes a great deal of time to create that single perfect image. Contact me at info@robertwheater.com for more information.