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Yosemite Painting – A Work in Progress

Here is a current work in progress that is part of my ICONS series. The painting is five feet wide on wood veneer. I have travelled to every state in the United States and have seen hundreds of iconic landmarks. I decided last year to start my ICONS series to remember all that stuff. It is a series of 20 paintings from Yosemite (near where I live now), Yellowstone (where I spent a lot of time in my youth) and all around the United States (where I have traveled extensively). I spent four years travelling and was in a different city nearly every week and have a lot of stories to share.

If you are interested in getting some of my art or interested in commissioning me for a painting, email me at info@robertwheater.com and I would love get some dialog going. Even if you just have a comment, let me know about it – I love hearing from other artists and people that like art.

Painting of Inspiration Point in Yosemite

I am an artist living in California. I can literally paint anything and would love to hear from you. Email me at info@robertwheater.com