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Clint Eastwood Painting

I’m a big fan of old westerns. While John Wayne is probably my grandpa’s favorite western actor. Clint Eastwood is my dad’s and probably mine too. Clint Eastwood’s classic cigarello and squint-eyed glare is just iconic. Here is my painting of Clint Eastwood and I’ll be taking a break for a short time. My painting style has changed slightly and I am focusing on working on it at the moment.

A painting of Clint Eastwood by Robert Wheater

A painting of Clint Eastwood by Robert Wheater

Robert Wheater is a professional artist living with his wife, two sons, a dog and a cat in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains. He has won several awards for his paintings and is currently painting portraits by commission. If you would like to talk to Robert about his art or commissions, email him at info@robertwheater.com

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