Eight Reasons You Should Buy Into My Art

Eight Reasons You Should Buy Into My Art

1. You deal directly with me, not a representative, gallery or web interface.
Most of my work is commissioned. Portraits of your children, family, pets, home or whatever it might be shouldn’t be handled by anyone but the artist. From taking pictures to handling old pictures, I am the only person that you will deal with. I believe that with payment of the art, you also get my time when you need it. I want to start a friendship. There are other ways to do things but I like mine.

2. Exceptional Value for the Money
My art is priced great because I have very little overhead. I don’t have a gallery to look after. For even my larger works of art, you can expect to pay far less than you would from other artists. With me you can expect to get incredible art at lower rates than you would ever pay in gallery markets.

3. Each work of art is original and unique
While I sell prints of a lot of my work, I do not make duplications or sell prints of any commissions. Your commissioned painting is yours. I can provide embellished prints for you to share with friends but the original work of art will never be duplicated or printed again.

4. My style is very unique and you won’t find it anywhere else
I have spent years altering, changing and perfecting my art that it is not possible to duplicate. I am the only person you can get originals of my art from. No one else has them. While I do have vendors that will handle my work overseas, it will not be touched by them, only protected. It’s me and only me and I intend to keep it that way.

5. I have several consistent styles
I have worked to create three very distinct styles although the pouring style acrylics have been my favorite and I like that work the most – I can recreate nearly anything in all three styles of painting. A celebrity painting is different from a family painted portrait and I do them in different styles depending on the family, current décor and the way I believe the painting should look.

6. I am always growing
As an artist I am always growing and going through new phases. When fans of mine come back, most are pleasantly delighted to see new styles as well as the older styles. New collections to look at and probably a new series I am working on. I am always painting. I have been known to do 20 paintings in a month. – that kind of output is insane to other artists but this is what I do and I am very passionate about the very activity of painting.

7. My paintings are more than just paintings, they are heirlooms.
My paintings are heirlooms, most of my commissions are of family members and while a photographic portrait can say a great deal. A painting says you want something that will remain for over two hundred years, something that took a great time investment and trust me, there are moments you will want to remember forever and your family, right now is one of them.

8. Now is the time to Buy
My prices will only rise and the waiting list will only get longer. No joke. Now is the time to start commissioning your piece of art or buying originals. The prices are great right now.


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