I am a full time artist and thanks to people like you and your interest in real art, I can make a living. My commissions vary in price, usually depending on the size of the painting. I can paint many different custom sizes but I prefer to stick with the ones I know work best. Here is a list of painting sizes and the base price that I charge for most paintings. I do require a photograph for reference, more than one if possible. Here is a basic guideline to what I charge for my portrait paintings:


Stretched Canvas Size and Prices (not including taxes, shipping and handling)

  • Small (8×10) $500
  • Medium (16X20) $700
  • Large (24×30) $900
  • Large (36×40) $1400
  • Very Large (50×60) $3000


Painting on Watercolor or Art Board

  • Small (8×10) $100
  • Medium (16×20) $250
  • Large (24×30) $500
  • Large (36×40) $1000
  • Very Large (50×60) $1600


A lot of love, effort and labor goes into my paintings. I require a non-refundable deposit before beginning sketches/preliminary paintings of your commission. The deposit is equal to 20% of the total painting price. For large paintings, I do require an additional deposit when your painting is halfway completed. Due to the amount of time some of the art takes, large paintings can take weeks to a couple months to complete.


Take a look at some of my previous work.

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