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Portrait Paintings

B.B. King Painting

Over ten years ago, I met B.B. King in Memphis at B.B. King’s – his club. I really enjoyed myself. Before I met and listened to him play, the prior year, could have been two. He had a son or nephew (can’t remember which was which) playing with a band. I was there with a group of performers from Ringling Brothers and a few friends. B.B. King was not there. Instead, we had a few drinks with his son and nephew. It was a great time. I spent four years with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus as a stagehand and I did rigging. I toured the United States, made a lot of great friends that are all over the world now and well if I could go back when I was a bit younger, I would have. So, to create a physical memory of the event I created this painting of B.B. King. I am doing embellished reproduction prints of this one because of demand. I think I’ll do eight of them. My embellished reproductions are prints of the original that are painted again to give it a unique look. They are hand signed. Contact me at if you are interested in prints, originals or even commissions. This painting opened the door for another commission – I had someone see it and want their grandfather – who was a musician – painted in a similar way. Well, here is B.B. King painted in December 2012.

B.B. King Painting

This B.B. King painting was painted by Robert Wheater from photo references in December of 2012. It is mixed media on canvas. 24×16.


John Wayne Painting

I love John Wayne. To me he represents an era of America – uncorrupted – a just place where the good guys win, there is always a cold beer waiting for you after a hard days work and if you work hard, you’ll be just fine. I think America is a much different place now and while John Wayne died when I was but a child I remember that year. My grandparents loved John Wayne. Among all the pictures of our family there was one of John Wayne. A John Wayne clock. John Wayne was a hero in my family and he remains a hero to me to this very day. I don’t just randomly paint celebrities unless it is by commission. I paint the things I love. Here is a quote from John Wayne that really sums up life really well:

“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.”

Well, here is the painting. Enjoy it, I enjoyed painting it. There is a link below the image if you would like to purchase a print, cards or even a large reproduction. I will do reproductions of my paintings, please contact me if you are interested.

This painting of John Wayne was painted by Robert Wheater. 18x24.

This painting of John Wayne was painted by Robert Wheater. 18×24.

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Mick Jagger Painting

I recently started a series of celebrity paintings. In the first set I am doing ten celebrity paintings. This one is Mick Jagger, of course. The reason I started this new series was to step away from my realistic portraits and practice a larger format (about twice as large compared to my normal paintings) and really work with strokes, no blending with oil. I love the Rolling Stones, I am a little younger than that generation but I had a lot of Uncles that really liked them so the music was around a lot when I was young. If you would like to buy this or see other Mick Jagger Art – take a look at Fine Art America.


Mick Jagger Painting

Mick Jagger Painting by Robert Wheater. Prints Available

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Robert Wheater is a photographer and portrait artist. He lives in a rural California town in the shadow of the largest trees on Earth – the Great Sequioa Trees. If you would like to inquire about original art or commissions you can contact Robert at

Portrait Painting of Kara

Kara has been a model for me on several occasions and soon we will be working together again. For the last decade I have spent thousands of hours painting. A lot of it for free, just learning every thing I could about my art. I will be following this post with a process of the painting as it went from the painted background to what it is now.

All I can say is I really enjoy painting people, it’s a passion. This one took longer than other paintings. Usually when I have a model for my photography or my painting, I end up painting several pieces of the model and many unfinished sketches.

portrait painting of Kara

Portrait Painting in California by Professional Portrait Artist Robert Wheater

This painting will be featured in a magazine and in a new painting book coming out in 2013. I can’t wait to share that with you.


Commission Painting for Christmas

I wanted to let you know that this holiday season has been great. I have six commissioned paintings for the month which is basically painting all month long. I can’t really do more than that and had to turn clients away for the first time ever. Well, I didn’t turn them away I just told them it could not be done for Christmas. I am very happy about this season.

It took a bit of figuring out but I can now get work to France and most of Western Europe without too much on shipping. I had two commissions from overseas in the last month so I wanted to throw that out there – I can get the work to you if you like my work.

Painting of Maria – a Work in Progress

When painting a portrait, I think it’s hard to get out of the ‘work in progress’ to a finished painting. For me paintings have to be emotional, something in the art has to finally tell my “you’re done, you did it” and until that moment I will keep fixing my painting until it’s right.

Portrait Painting of Maria – Progress

Close Up of Painting – work in progress of Maria

Robert Wheater is an award winning portrait artist that would love to hear about your commission today. Email him at info@robertwheater today.

Presidential Painting

I did this painting for a competition. It was too late to submit but I still completed the painting. It was late because I had a lot of work to get done and this was for a personal competition. The theme of the competition was ‘contests’ and I figured the presidential elections was probably the biggest contest in the world.

Presidential Election Painting

Presidential Election Painting

Presidential Election Painting Complete

Presidential Election Painting Complete

If you would like to talk about your commissioned painting email me at

Minimalist Sunset

As an artist, I have to create work that I know is going to sell. This large 5 foot wide painting was done for just that. This particular sunset painting is one of my favorites I have ever painted and limited prints of it are available. A lot of people can’t paint in the minimalist style because of the fact that it is definitely not a minimalist action. You can’t just throw down a single shade of a color – it will look bad. You have to used so many shades of a single color, create light and shadow in a way that remains very simple. You also have to fight back the urge to paint in some grass or bring out the clouds. Thanks for taking a look at my art and please register as a member and get updates about my art.

If you would like to know more about my art, commission a painting or just chat email me at or visit


Minimalist Sunset

Painting Models

I’ve had to rely on models to paint and photograph from the beginning of my art career. All my life, I have stumbled over my words when trying to talk to beautiful women. Come on – through high school I was the D&D game master with all the nerdy friends. Art changed that. I just knew what I wanted to create, how to create it and had this self-esteem that was just there because of art. There was no getting nervous really – well the beginning of any meeting between to people that feels sort of random is a little bit strange but that evaporates pretty quick into a ‘let’s create art’ mode.

I have worked with Sunni a few times and decided to paint her for practice. This was not a commission but more of a practice painting. I think one problem I have is I have to keep painting regardless of what it is. The very action of painting is the art to me – the finished painting doesn’t mean I am finished painting, I usually don’t stop for the day I just keep painting something.

If you are interested in a painted portrait I would love to hear about it. Email me at and we can start talking about your art today.

Painting of Model

Painting of a Fashion Model

Boudoir Painting

I’ve painted hundreds of portraits and intimate paintings are among my favorite. The master painters and nearly every portrait painter for the last 500 years has created intimate paintings. The boudoir painting is definitely not for everyone but they are incredible works of art, especially in the bedroom or master bathroom.

Before thinking about a boudoir painting, think of it’s location. Where is it going to be displayed? I believe that boudoir paintings are meant for few people you know – if the painting is of you. I have done several anonymous looking paintings of clients that are focal point paintings in living rooms but they cannot truly tell – they know but the guests usually just think it is a great painting.

If you are interested in getting your boudoir painting either an original work of art from me or a commission painting of you contact me at

Boudoir Painting

In the Morning | Boudoir Painting

The original reference photo for this painting was taken by Edyta Stala. She was contacted on DeviantArt for permission to paint the image.