About Robert

Grew up poor. Fought a lot growing up against gangs. Never joined them. Nearly dropped out of school. Was told art was never a path for me. Spoke at Graduation about facing adversity in life. Joined Marine Corps. Returned. Spent two years homeless. Wandered the country. Angry at my life. Went to Jail. Joined Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Worked rigging and prop crew. Met soul mate. She trained exotic animals. Left circus. Began to pursue art. Five years passed. First son born. Business Degree earned. Didn’t like corporate wage slave as a career. Second son born. Art degree pursued. 2008 came. Economic collapse. Lost job. In desperation, started selling art. People started buying it. Life is getting better. I always face adversity like a competitive friend. Now.

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